Friday, June 3, 2011

The Future of Food

Untested, Unlabeled, Unedible. GMO genetically modified organisms, is a govenment way to control the cultivation of food, the nutrition within organic food, which results to controlling the populations of people, increasing diseases, and aiding the world to a much more unhealthy state. As an American, it is our voice to not support the evils of greed, the lack of information, The battle For the people, By the people, vs. The Corporate Monsters of the World. We the People are Strong, To Educate One Another and to give Our Children the Guidance and Support They Need to Live Healthy and Happy Lives. It's 2011, Without any doubts, should be a Wake up call to Promote and Be More Conscious about The Differences of Eating Organic Rather Than the Harmfull Risks of Consuming the Foods that have no Labels, or Signs..Being Aware is the first step and making the desicion is the Next Step, to a better Future..Build Bridges Not Walls, Make Love Not Bombs.600 Million People Starve in the World. There's Enough Organic Food Feed The World. One Acre of Hemp Produces = 10 Acres of trees in Oxygen. Seeds That Grow Annual and Regenerate Life, Not Suicidal Seeds!

May 27,2011

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