Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Maloof Money Cup 2011, NYC

The Broken Clock continues to Break Rules and Break Records at the Maloof Money Cup, in Queens This past weekend. It was Awesome an Experience to See mostly everybody. Ron Chapman, Derek Rinaldi, Lance Mountain, Steve Steadham deserved all of the respect to skate in the Masters Division. Without any information about the Late Opening for the Event, I was pretty much a spectator in the bleachers. However Fred Gall, Spotted me and told me be his stunt double. Since I had my board, the door was cracked open to get a chance to touch the sacred grounds of the Maloof Street Course. Some short time after, I was escorted off of the premises. Maybe next year I could be invited and be apart of it officially!

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SaltyH20 said...

That's awesome! Wow Rinaldi was there wow- it's been ages

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