Thursday, September 4, 2008

Anything is Possible.

Sushi Wheels 2003-2006 Was a Company I started, created, and pushed. With the intentions to succeed, the result was success. Building a team from the ground up, Designing all of the graphics for the wheels, Editing and producing the music for a Video to promote the company,preparing the ad layouts for the magazines and setting up two tours "Ice Cold" and "Who's Raw". It was indeed a opportunity to work for myself, and watch a company of my own grow through a transformation in a matter of 3 years. I moved out to Los Angeles in 2003 to expand my skateboard career. I thought it was a good idea to be closer to where skateboard business evolves from. The Reality wasn't what I perceived it to be. In fact it's clear to me that some people are only out for themselves. The truth is S-one insoles took advantage of the opportunity to work with me to distribute Sushi Wheels. In the midst of it all they were out to claim that they owned it when it came down to reaping the benefits, we spent time and money on lawyers to resolve a case of poor character. After Three years of hard work, Sushi Wheels broke even. The sad part of is that it was still a young company, and that it was a shame that it had to dissolve. Working with Non-skaters, who don't have the heart of a true skater, made it difficult to continue. I felt it was two brains against one, making the slightest changes to design layouts, logos, and ideas created a big problem. It's 2008. People today ask me about Sushi Wheels. Skaters.Under.Super.High.Intelligence. I tell them Let's keep it Real, I'm stronger than I ever been, I'm wiser, and my heart is still on my skateboard. Anything is possible. -Quim Cardona

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