Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Greg Simmons - Atlantic City, NJ

Renaissance and Discovery (RAD)'s mission of providing gateways for young people, especially those experiencing economic and other socially challenging circumstances is met using their recreation and development (RAD) model.

The RAD mentoring program connects young people with progressive adults that nurture and encourage creativity and leadership. Through mentoring relationships in areas of recreation such as skateboarding, partnered with development activities like reading and discussion (RAD) clubs, young people enjoy consistent relationships that give them the opportunity to build skills and values needed to reach their full potential.

Our programs focus on a wholistic approach to leadership development and demonstrate healthy living (nutrition and exercise), social responsibility, mental and physical astuteness, global citizenship and creative entrepreneurship. Creating a balance between recreation and development inspires and empowers responsible life choices.

RAD invests in each person as a leaders of tomorrow. Each participant sees themselves as a community member and is therefore responsible to and for their counterparts regardless of age. The RAD community /culture is a way of life and one that easily translates in the daily life of the participant. RAD leaders influence their families, neighborhoods, schools and take a Renaissance and Discovery mentality to any corner of the world they may travel.

For More Information Contact: Greg Simmons gwiz1984yng@gmail.com

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