Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Grandmaster Caz remembers Crazy Eddie

The Great Cocaine Epidemic hit hip hop in the eighties and took out a bunch of the first generation, although many have rebounded since. Grandmaster Caz was a leading rapper and dj who began as a break dancer and graffiti writer. He is the one of the few first-generation to master all the elements of hip hop. Best known today as the author of the Superman rap in "Rappers Delight," (for which he was paid nada) and as the star of the Cold Crush Brothers, who briefly became the biggest Bronx act after Flash split from the Furious. Cold Crush were offered an audition for "Beat Street" but declined because they felt they shouldn't have to audition. Known primarily for their live shows, they unfortunately never recorded, although legendary tapes exist. First generation hip hop will be honored at the 23rd Cannabis Cup in Amsterdam, Thanksgiving 2010.

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