Saturday, May 28, 2011

Evolving Art - 2011

The Most Beautiful and Most Profound Emotion We Can Experience is the Sensation of the Mystical. It is the Source of all True Science - Albert Einstein.  (Letter Signed by A.E) The phrase "absence of evidence is not evidence of absence"
I care about the future of Humanity, For Children, and for the Growth for Perpetual Life in this World. That is not the case for everybody. However it's no questions at all, through the connection of my inner I, The Supreme Love within us all, that something caused me look into the meaning behind it all. When we meditate and give thanks, we can see what may be abscent in the physical.The Truth is Light.
Painting was Made in 2008.
In May 28, 2011 Finished.
Materials: Canvas found in the Bronx, Ny
Skating the Bronx, One Mans Trash was Another Mans Treasure.
Latex Paint, mixed with Sand From the Beach.
Rose Leaves, Griptape, Black Duct Tape, Bird From a Magazine.

24 " X 16 "

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