Saturday, May 14, 2011

360 Degrees Back to Where It All Started.

Skaters Like: Teddy Powell, Eric Koons, Jesse, Roshaun, Eric Wilson, Steve Sherman, Scott Chard, Joe McCutheon, Andy Schaaf, Chris Newcomb, Craig Stuart. The Plainfield Posse, Grind Station Crew from 90’.  This ditch goes way back to when my older brother skated on a G&S Stacy Peralta board with OJ Juice Wheels. I would call this the one the most Future Primitive Spots found in New Jersey today. So don’t ask about the location and how to find it. Thanks to Skaters today in 2011, who have the passion to search and find Skate Relics of the past, Keep Skateboarding as Fun as it was. A Spot like this only brings back childhood memories.......... Know The Past, and Forward into The Future.......  Photos by: Xeno. 

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