Monday, April 25, 2011

Ancient as the Salt.

To see to the castle from the highway that rises to his summit, as the red sun is falling down, is of vampires' story of which they start shaving to go out to courting the people Cardona. He keeps also a legend that dates of the IXth century on a Cardona that for having fallen in love with a Muslim was shut up in the tower. The duke they sleep in his sarcofagi. The architecture is not ostentatious, if beautiful. The people  Cardona is ancient as the salt.  Thanks for the comment, Cora Cardona
The word "Marrakesh" is derived from the Berber word combination Mur-Akuc (pronounced: Moor Akush) meaning Land of God.
الموحدون al-Muwahhidun, i.e., "the monotheists" or "the Unitarians"), was a Moroccan

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