Thursday, March 24, 2011


Greeting Everybody, and thanks for taking the time out your day. Enjoy a Quim Cardona production Quimtime Motion Picture. In memory of my twin brother, Mike Cardona 1978-1998. Timeless footage that captures the essence of skateboarding. Heart and Soul moments we had together. Mike is with us in the spirit and always will be remembered. Thanks again for your patience and support. Forgive me for the fisheye lense at times is very visible at times lol. Thanks to Danny Cox, Sniper Eye Vision. We Look forward to sharing much more! Family and Friends all over the world! Equal Rights & Justice.

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Hugo said...

Gracias por compartir este tesoro. No words. Con tu permiso, lo comparto en mi espacio para hacerlo llegar a toda la gente que sea posible.

Saludos desde Valencia, Spain.
Hugo for more information

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