Saturday, February 12, 2011

Domestics Clothing

On Wednesday, February 9th, in collaboration with skateboard pro Fred Gall and Supermodel/Actoer Debbie Dickinson, Domestics Clothing Company's Joe D'orsi launched his newest line of skateboardesque fashions to board shops and right across the spectrum to commercial retail. For the first time, women’s clothing is incorporated into the line, as well as added to the Domestics Clothing website. Highlighted were top skate pros, Fred Gall, Harry Jumonji, Quim Cardona, Lou Metal, Devon Connell, Steve Durante and Jack Sabback who delivered an amazing live skateboard exhibition.

Along with the new fall 2011 core men’s line, Domestics Clothing in collaboration with humanitarian organization World Vision, is launching the ‘MOVE… MAKE OUR VOICES ECHO’ mission. This project manifested on the runway with the “MOVE…” line of t-shirts, featuring positive social messages, inspired by real quotes from local teens. Modeled by New York City youth, with messages like “Gang is Slang for Bang”, alongside a live performance by drummers and a tap dancer, who were banging out an infectious tribal rhythm, the stage was set for exciting things to come. The two organizations plan to develop further opportunities for local children and youth to volunteer and make their voices heard.

“We at Domestics Clothing are interested in caring for the community and making a meaningful contribution. Our mission is to healthfully clothe the body, while inspiring the minds of children and young adults. We hope to continue to raise compassionate athletic and community-minded individuals.” says the company.

Many skateboarding events draw children from all segments of society. Working with World Vision, Domestic Clothing Company aims to offer an opportunity for the children and youth of New York City to commit to pursuing their best and give back to their community.

A percentage of sales from the t-shirts will benefit World Vision’s youth programs across the United States, including the annual Youth Empowerment Program which trains and mentors young adults to be a voice for the most pressing issues in their communities.


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