Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Just Another Day

Yesterday couldn't of been a more productive day. Started it off going walking through a blizzard to the library to print and hand out flyers for a Reggae / Dancehall night I Dj and promote every Wednsdays. 3 blocks from NJ Skateshop. My freestyle from Eastern Exposure was in hoboken at are old stomping grounds. Heads ain't ready for my new shit 2010. Anytime your in Jersey City stop to have a Jamacian Patty at the carribean spot on jersey ave, and make sure you visit at Nine Lives. The blizzard continued through the day, I felt like true 40 below trooper. Division East crew are building a sick ass bowl in the hood. It's not open to the public and you need a code to get in. We went to check that out, but they were still doing some construction.
Converse threw a party for the New Pappalado Shoe in New York City. It was at the famous Restaurant Arturo's ..I kept thinking of Spike Lee's Film Miracle of St. Anne. Good Timing Converse Keep the Wheels and the Records Spinning....

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