Friday, October 9, 2009

Born in Livingston, New Jersey August 26, 1978. Quim Cardona has been Recording music since 93'. After 98', Losing the life of my twin brother Mike Cardona R.I.P. Music has been a therapeutic release for me. It has been a viable outlet to create and direct a language that connects through instruments and word power. In the early nineties Nuyorican Poets Cafe was a place we used to take our songs and verses, as far as performing in front of an audience. Back then Lower East Side was much more violent, unsafe territory to be in. If it wasn't for friends like: Harold Hunter, Steven Cales, and other skaters that looked out. We used to record Stretch Armstrong and Bobito "the barber", show on 89.9 back then. Before Cd and Ipod took the stage, we managed to record on a cassette. Vinyl is still and always will be the way to listen to music. Quimtime started out on a Casio keyboard, moved up to a double cassette magnavox. Graduate elementary to my first Rascam 4 track. When I picked up my first Imac was in 2000. Learned how to make beats in Sound Edit 16. Collecting Keyboards was my thing. Finding new sounds. There was a point I had at least 30 keyboards at one time. Elevated to ASR X Pro, the red box Ensoniq put out for sampling. Invested in the MOTU Digital Performer. Macintosh introduced Recycle and Reason. Shortly after picked up a Roland Phantom, expanded with a sound card. I've been working with the same equipment. Although Pro tools goes for recording. I believe Mastering the equipment you got is way to go before taking it to the next level. Quimtime's music was featured in a Nike SB New York City Video in 2007. In Morita Takahiro's Skateboard Film, Overground Broadcasting in Tokyo, Japan 2008. Quimtime is a living artist with many inspirations and avenues of creative prosperity. Visit: for more information


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