Sunday, July 26, 2009

Over This Weekend...

Picked Up By Kangol.. I Look Forward to get all of my
sponsors involved...

Mandingo Unit - Performs at
The Spot Lounge.
Might Joe Young - The Artist.

Might Joe Young & Teddy Becks - The Artist and Producer

Best Trick for the kids in Union City, New Jersey...
A new skate park they build next to the p-jays.
Skaters in New Jersey are waiting for a Plaza to show up.
It's only Right to build skate parks where kids of today need it most.

Rock Steady Anniversary 2009 in Lincoln Park. Newark, NJ.
Every year is a free show. It brought the thunderstorm,
lightning struck right over the stage, loud!
As it started I had my son with me, and we didn't have
umbrellas lol. Good Times...
See you there next year hopefully...


1 comment:

Anonymous said...

yo this is oldschool thanks for the ride to the comp in uc i got a shit load of goods but no boards next time lol for more information

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