Sunday, February 1, 2009

Tell It Like It Is.

Tonight I watched the Pianist. My take on the movie is an example of how countries, religion, and people have benefited and continue to profit off of war. I think of how these great atrocities happen while so called humane governments sit by and let them happen. After They occur, build memorials, create foundations, write movies, films, etc.. If money = Debt, then it's all a scheme to plot against unity of mankind.
At the end of it all, humanity is the only thing that stands alone.

How Many Hear To Listen, How many Listen to Hear?

I spoke to my mom tonight. She told me about the two brothers That started, after watching them on Oprah. It's kind a peculiar to find a skateboarding section on this site. After all of the years we livicate and contribute on our boards. It's awesome that people start to appreciate skateboarding as an important roll in society. Kids Today need to be more thankful for what they have. We didn't see a park with concrete and ramps, all we had was a curb in the back of a shopping mall. Getting Chased out and arrested, while we were simply just kids trying to stay out of trouble.

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