Thursday, January 22, 2009

The Farther We Get The Closer, The Closer We Get The Farther.

I remember a time when we didn't have to pay to recycle, when water didn't cost a cent, when worries didn't exist, and all we knew was the kind of curiousity and adventurous nature of kids when they meet. As I open the book to read, some of it oftem makes my eyes bleed. It's the 2nd day our 44th president Obama takes the stand. January 21 was a great day. And That's my Son Ian Gabriel a.k.a Joaquim Ibrihim Cardona a.k.a. Tutu turns 1 and takes his first couple steps. This is one great time to remember. There is not one day that passes that can repeat, eachday is a beginning of an end, the end to a new beginning, a time of great change, a time when things must stay the same. Each one of us that share views, opinions, and feelings in the valley of decision making have to understand that we are no longer the parents of our children, but the children of our parents. Until we grow up and see that we hurt, when our parents are fighting leaves a scar that could never be healed. Children are the world. when we think of the world we think of our jobs, schools, friends, econimic crisis, and how we feel at the moment. Not one day do I feel that the chain is getting closer to the day when we are unchained from the ignorant, insignifiicant ties in reality. Each Day I Rise I fight the feeling that grows and make me numb to all the sharp thorns that seek to destroy our way of life. I touched base with my dysfunctional uncle, to let him know the good news. His Quote of the day was that "hell is real as a motha" And From that I don't take it personal, but look at it as something what we are accountable for, if we don't pay our debts to the big bank, Yeah Right! "Tangled in a web, trying to figure out what he said, Grand pops once told me to always use your head". I truly wish I will communicate the way Obama speaks out to the people. Standing up for Hope. It comforts me to have the freedom to hear the man speak. Actions speak louder than words, and that's what most people wait for. What some couldn't do before, we could now. If you know we can, therefore we will. Waking to have a chance to record my thoughts make me feel that we are consiously adding thread to a blanket we need for cold times ahead. Although I didn't see my son on his first birthday. I love him very much. You know I love you and always will. Wake up wondering what he is dreaming about right now. "Watch him grow, talk n go, fast on his knees,still walking slow." What a thin line it is to say something without saying it. I'd rather tell it like it is, than lie and tell you exactly what you'd like to hear. What's your verdict?


Anonymous said...

profound words... from a profound mind and spirit. keep the words flowing... they are needed.

Anonymous said...

crafty man, i am 2b a father also in aug and i already feel the same way ,creating life is life,life is love, the future,and we need more wise men and women 2 start life and school the kids right....most of all we need an evolution of consciousness ,a spiritual awakening and it can only be reached though meditation and searching within ,cause only we can change what is wrong boicutting the corporate machine and get back 2 values like love wisdom and justice,people needs 2 stop being soo ignorant,dependent and materialistic ....real power comes from within.........about obama he will dissapoint yall ,his campaign was 3 words hope,change and believe come on, think about those words and keep in mind this guy is not black just cause he got a black wife aight,his mentor brezinski is who yall need 2 check up on 2 see obamas real face....anyway back 2 the 3 words...hope ,hope is always in the future never now which makes it nonsense 2 say,think about this ,you hope 4 a better day 2morrow but when 2morrow comes, again we can only hope 4 a better 2morrow but never now ,you get my point,its a negative manipulative word.....change ,change can both be good but also bad remember that and he never said anything about what he wants 2 change(fortuanetly 4him) cause he wont change anything 2 the better trust me,nocontraire he will form the north american union next year plus america will have a new currency called the amero after the euro......and we will be one step closer 2 a facist super state starting with u.s so get the fuck out b4 its too late my friends is my adwise..........and remember "if we all think alike, nobody is thinking at all" mark my words and be free as a bird......p.e.a.c.e for more information

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