Sunday, April 27, 2008

It's a concrete jungle sometimes, it makes me wonder.



Skateboarding isn't the only way of showing respect for life and Respect for one another. In the Heart of Newark New Jersey: Broad daylight,Saturday afternoon,on south orange ave. Where young people were playing on the basketball court. A group of young guys eating a pizza sitting on the ledges were skating. A boy on a bicycle rolls up and asks me to do a kick flip. We ended up filming a clip. Crossing a busy street, ollie up the curb, and ollieing over a tall ledge as tall as the young boy on the bike. Landing over into the basketball court, and embraces by a reaction of young guys excitement, to experience a moment of Quim Time. Minutes after, there were gun shots on the corner, and all the kids scattered. I think that it's an experience that must be shared, because what happened to the joy? What happened to the Love? If you choose to go out the house one day dressing with colors that coordinate, means that you associates yourself with gang bangers.Something that these kids experience everyday, there's no escape from being safe. Stop The Violence! Give the People Justice!
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